City of Detroit – Parks & Recreation

There are over 300 city parks in Detroit. Parks are places for families, neighbors, and communities to gather and the parks of Detroit are no exception. The City office instituted a project to recreate and reinstall the signs for these parks. The City office contacted Premiere Group Associates to head up the construction and Display Group was contacted to assist with the management of this project. Constructing and installing the new signs was a collaboration between different partners resulting in new signs and installation methods.

Display Group’s graphics department managed the graphic production to ensure the cities brand guidelines were strictly applied across all signage. In addition, a new installation method required design and engineering.

Previously, the signs were mounted on fences. While some are still mounted on fences, the open-air parks are using boulders to support the signs instead of posts. The City office and PGA installed the signs and Display Group managed the sign and mount production.

“I got a real kick out of learning about all of the parks. It’s really cool to drive around the city and see the signs and have a real intimate knowledge of the process,” said Display Group Designer Gary Rizzo.

“As someone that works and plays in the city, it’s wonderful to be a part of a project like this that has a great impact on the citizens of our community,” said Display Group Graphic Designer Ryan Nosis. Both men led the project for Display Group.

With a project like this, Display Group is proud to help work with the city and other vendors to maintain the integrity of any project and provide personal checks to ensure all pieces are spelled correctly and configured to the same dimensions.