Charging Furniture

LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter
While it may be a fairly new problem, the fact of the matter is that any guest at your event will need to recharge their phone eventually. Weddings, business meetings, trade shows, maybe an after-hours celebration for your team after a particularly big year at work - nothing can quite prepare your guests for the sorrow of not being able to capture that perfect video of your boss killing it at karaoke because their phone is dead. Whether you need to provide a place for bloggers at your trade show to plug in their laptops while tweeting about the big keynote, you want to make sure your photographers can keep their cameras topped off to catch the perfect shot of the happy couple walking back up the aisle, or you just don't want anyone to be unable to call an Uber because of a dead battery, Display Group has the rental charging tables your event needs. Our charging tables for events can take several forms, from standing end tables to longer tables, even fast-access standing charging stations. Each of our rental charging tables comes with either power outlets or USB ports to help recharge a number of devices, no matter what your guests need to bring to the table. For an even better connection with your guests (and not just with their phones and tablets), our charging tables can be customized with your brand to help unify your look and your brand. The next time you've got an event that will keep your guests around for the long haul, from the most casual family reunion to the most well-planned wedding, rent one of our charging tables and see how long the party - and their batteries - can go. Contact Display Group today for more information on these tables and our other event rentals.