Bayou Theme Party & Event Rentals

Want all the atmosphere of the bayou, but none of the alligators? Display Group can help.

With a combination of the right event backdrops and event furniture, you can take your guests all the way down to Louisiana, without having to leave whatever climate-controlled building your event is being hosted in. Our beautiful fleur-de-lis city decor can take your guests to Bourbon Street as soon as they walk in the door, and our swampy backdrops and wall decor can take them right down to the bayou to enjoy whatever food or events you’ve got planned.

With our bayou event and party decorations, we can get you as close as possible to the atmosphere of the deep swamps of Louisiana, without the cost of a plane ticket. Pair these bayou event decorations with our Mardi Gras event rentals to bring the unique flavor of Louisiana’s southern shores to your event - just remember to bring the seafood with you.