Motown Themed Party Decorations

Maybe it’s because we’re from Detroit, but we’re pretty confident in saying that Motown was one of the most important record labels - and eras of music - ever.

By giving a start to dozens of legendary artists, and allowing a voice for some of the most talented musicians in the Motor City (an area not generally known for its musical output at that point), Motown helped create the foundation for dozens of musical styles and careers that still impact the music world today.

We think that’s something worth celebrating, and if you want to throw a Motown theme party for your company or customers, we’ve got the Motown-themed decorations you need. 

Take your employees, customers, or guests back to the golden age of Hitsville U.S.A. with our selection of Motown themed backdrops, displays, and table settings. Let your guests get on stage with the Four Tops or Marvin Gaye, let them get a picture with the Supremes, or take them back to the legendary studio on West Grand Avenue with our selection of backdrops, costumed mannequins, and music-themed props.

Whatever your taste in music, there’s a chance it originated in Motown, and our Motown party decorations let you explore the history of this legendary era in music up close and personal. For even more party or event options, check out our event supply rentals and rental event backdrops.